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  • Greg Mittéï Original Title Le Jeu Des Cinq As 22 (1964) Published In Vaillant
  • Greg Blanc-dumont Original Sheet N ° 29 From Colby Tome 1 (dargaud 1991)
  • Exceptional Manara Drawing In Eo Hp And The Adventure Nearly Nine
  • Jijé Original Artwork Jerry Spring The Past Of The Indians N ° 31 (1956)
  • Maurice Henry Original Signed Ink Drawing The Court
  • Alexis-gotlib Original Drawing Inédit Cinémastock (pilote 1974)
  • Vicomte Sasmira 1 Eo + Drawing Original Color Full Page Superb
  • Walter Minus-wooden Box 16 Unpublished Drawings-ex. Signed And Numbered
  • Original Board Tif And Tondu Ink Sikorski The Km Beyond Zero
  • Lot 8 Original Plates Of The Sage (1950) Mouchot Cari Mat
  • Beautiful Jijé Jerry Spring Silver Moon Framed Board
  • Two Original Drawings Of Eberoni And Somon Women Coming Soon
  • B. Bardo Gigi The Novel Of An Artist 63 Intaglio + Tapuscrit
  • Cesar Exhibition Catalog Dedicated From A Full Page Perfect State
  • Original Board (small Men)
  • Original Board (small Men)
  • Original Board (small Men)
  • Coyote Diptyque Originals