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  • Rare Claude Auclair Superb Original Sheet N ° 136 For Bran Ruz Album
  • Superb Watercolor Of Gibrat In Box Sursis Eo T1 + T2
  • Rare Erotic Original Drawing Jacques Géron Under Nickname Jack-henry Hopper
  • Bibi Fricotin In Hassi-méssaoud, The Rarest, Complete In Original Plate
  • Original Drawing Murena Delaby (ca0)
  • Hergé Tintin Beautiful Drawing Dedicated In The Temple Of The Sun B33 In The Nine Condition
  • Greg Rare And Spectacular Original Cover Design For The Les As Series
  • Original Sheet Of Raymond Macherot Sibylline's Indian Ink
  • Humor + Press Superb Sexy Original Drawing Of Lucien Housed On Leaf
  • Drawing Watercolor Man Who Was Not Like Guns Paul Salomone (ca0)
  • White Dumont Jonathan Cartland The Devil's Roots Tt 300ex N & S + Original Drawing
  • Beautiful Drawing Original Color Of Wasterlain Tribute To Tintin And Hergé
  • Gillon The Wrecked Exceptional Time Original Cover Volume 6 1978
  • Gir Moebius Eo World Slayer With Beautiful Dedicated Color For Gallimard (1979)
  • Drawing Watercolor Man Who Was Not Like Guns Paul Salomone (ca0)
  • Manara Beautiful Discreetly Erotic Illustration Ink And Lavis On Paper (1991)
  • Greg (and Mitteï) History First Board Of The Series Les As (1963)
  • Dupuich Original Wonderman Board Signed Ttbe