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  • Original Drawing Of Henri Pille (1844-1897) Japanese Geisha Japan Illustration
  • Félix Meynet Original Drawing Double M
  • Serpieri Druuna X Head Print 200 Ex New Condition With Superb Dedication
  • Marlier Martine Illustr. Original N ° 3 Indian Ink Princesses And Knights
  • Original Drawings Of Babouse (l'huma, Charlie Hebdo, The Ravi.)
  • Gloesner Original Sheet Dolorès De Villafranca Bullfighting Tbe
  • Mezieres Plate Drawing Original Valerian
  • Lambil Board Drawing Original Tunic Blue Ink From China
  • Exceptional Original Illustration Ink Of China Marsupilami 30x40 (batem)
  • Original Plate Leggende Indiane By Hugo Pratt 1963
  • Dedication Drawing Spirou Dany-olivier Rameau And Colombe
  • Panther Blonde Original Cover Tbe
  • Morris Signed Autograph Signed / Lucky Luke
  • Original Plate André Cheret Rahan The Wonderful Secret Of 1976
  • Original Chinese Ink / Gouache / Watercolor Tribute To Spirou Signed Al Severin
  • Original Drawing Gouache Georges Beuville Statue Of Liberty New York
  • Murena Sublime Original Illustration Published In 2002 In Blue Charcoal (delaby)
  • André Chéret Original Drawings Magnificent Series Of Studies For Rahan