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  • Exceptional Gibrat, The Reprieve 1, Original Board
  • Johnny Halliday's Original Jijé Board For Hud The 1970 Specialist
  • Forton Original Indian Ink + Dedication + Tt + Ex Libris N And S Borsalino 1
  • Mysterious World. The Art Of Arthur Suydam. Portfolio Signed & Numbered 1983 -rare
  • Satoshi Kon's Original Manga Storyboard Drawing For Paprika
  • Original Drawing Wall Colors Chan Buchet Morvan Signed Original Signed 2
  • Jean Cezard Superb Board Original Title Surplouf The Beautiful Daurade Tbe
  • Sale Hergé Lot 197 Tintin In America Double Board Setting In Color Rare
  • Drawing Original Color Juillard Blake And Mortimer Size 17 25 Cm Framed
  • Original Page By Robert Gigi For Orion The Planetary Scrub
  • Vance Original Plate Xiii
  • Moebus Original Signed Drawing
  • Original Comic Art Uncanny Inhumans C. Pacheco Comic Art Marvel Medusa
  • Bd Drawing Board Original Jo Barque 39cm / 27cm Color Tiger
  • Original Drawing Color François April Museum Of Comics 21 30 Cm
  • Original Drawing A. Andreae
  • Paape Original Drawing Nu
  • Comes Superb Dedication Color Dated Signed A4 Format To Frame