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  • Forton Louis Planche Original Drawing Bibi Fricotin Album Comics
  • Pierre Letuaire, Board Designs, Characters, Pencil And Watercolor On Paper
  • Pierre Letuaire, Sheet Of Drawings, Caricatures, Pencil And Watercolor On Paper
  • Planks Old Drawing Watercolor Signed H 1944 P
  • Plate 9 Original Drawings Ink Humor Caricature Cham (1818-1879) Nineteenth
  • Original Board For Robert Gigi Agar And Zarra 1975
  • 2 Erotic Original Plates Stelio Fenzo For Elvifrance Friend Hugo Pratt
  • Onkr Original Drawing Tenas For The Journal De Mickey 1965 Original Board
  • Original Drawing Board Fraga Around 1949 Did You Know
  • Carlo Cossio Original Plate Alain Lightning Around 1945 Dick Fulmine
  • Alain Lightning Original Board Of Carlo Cossio Around 1945 Dick Fulmine
  • Original Skate Jim Alaska Drawing Carlo Cossio Around 1945 Western
  • Original Comic Strip Marcel Turlin Said Mat Around 1945 Ink Drawing
  • Original Plate Attr. Guido Zamperoni Appeared In Italy Around 1945 Audacity
  • Carlo Cossio Original Plate Alain Lightning 1947 Dick Fulmine
  • Billy Hathaway Original Antonio Parras Planche Appeared In Driver 1965
  • Original Plate Of Paul Jamin Says Jam Tintin Hergé Collaborator 1930
  • Original Plate It Passo Degli Avvoltoi Bozzi Of Western Published In 1952