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  • Jim Alaska Original Board By Athos Cozzi For Jumbo In 1938, Drawn By Alex Raymond
  • Original Drawing Of A Military Zouave By Arsène Blondeau Around 1905
  • Original Drawing Board By Dufranne Nimbus
  • Rare Original Drawing Color Plate Hoviv René Hovivian Humorous Drawing
  • Rare Original Ink Drawing Nils Olgersen Dufranne Signed
  • Original Drawing Board By Marti Bas And Antoni Clavé Published In 1942, Train.
  • Original Wash Drawing Dated 1952, Similar To Molino Ferrari Barbato's Style
  • Original Drawing Board By Raymond PoÏvet Published In Vaillant In 1955
  • Old Original Signed Humorous Drawing Board Harot No. 5 (no Faizant Kiraz)
  • Gerard Mulis. Michel Fokine, 27 Photographic And Design Plates. Monte Carlo. 1945
  • Translation: "ancient Humorous Drawing Original Signed By Harot N°1 (no Faizant Kiraz)"
  • Translation: Vintage Humorous Drawing, Original Signed Artwork By Harot, No. 3 (not Faizant Kiraz)
  • Translation: Ancient Humorous Drawing Original Signed Harot N°4 (no Faizant Kiraz)
  • Translation: "old Humorous Drawing Original Board Signed Harot N°7 (no Faizant Kiraz)"
  • Original Drawing By Kiki Picasso From The Bazooka Group Dated 1981
  • Original Drawing By Kiki Picasso From The Bazooka Group, Dated 1981
  • My Mother, Grau Sala, Written On Water No. 3/20 Original Drawing Rejected Plate
  • Original One Piece Eiichiro Oda Limited Edition Planche Manga, Limited To 1000 Copies